Media Release

SHARING LETTER - Building Vietnam’s Reputation Strategy


First words, Awareness ID Strategic PR firm would like to send our honest thanks to you for your kind cooperation and belief in us.

As an integrated strategic PR consultant majoring in solutions of corporate and brand reputation, we not only seek branding opportunities for our customers but we also look for chances to promote and build Vietnam’s reputation. And the international children’s social programme namely Football For Friendship, which is considered as a mini World Cup for U14, is one of projects we bring to Vietnam for the latter purpose.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao – Representative of Football For Friendship’s Global Board Organizer gives

invitation letter to CEO Huynh Mau and coach Guillaume Greachen (Giôm) of HAGL FC

This project was organized globally under the leadership of The Public Relations Organization International (PROI) which includes Awareness ID - a member of PROI in Vietnam. By supporting children’s sports activities, the project dedicates to promote the development of child & young football on over the world. The global ambassador of the project is Franz Beckenbauer Emperor – one of the world football legends.

This year, the project is set to take place in Milan, Italia from May, 26th – May, 29th with the participation of 32 countries from 4 continents which involve some international soccer powerhouses such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Britain, France…Also in this season, young footballers from South East Asian are taking part in the project for the first time. Owing to major contribution of its academy to the Vietnam youth football future, HAGL-Arsenal-JMG Academy was honorably invited to represent Vietnam in F4F project. Especially, 15 members in Vietnam team will directly watch the final match of UEFA Champion League 2016 at San Siro Stadium on May, 28th.

The event currently attracts Vietnamese media attention in a positive way. Within a week after the global opening conference, there were more than 80 coverages about this event from mediaagencies, the keyword “football for friendship viet nam 2016” also reached 500.000 results after0,45s searching on Google.

Even though it is just an international football event for children at the age 14 only, that F4F project comes to Vietnam opens a big opportunity for our country to build Vietnam’s reputation. From that, foreigners will know that there is a beautiful country namely Vietnam with many spectacular landscapes, delicious foods, friendly humans and, especially, a huge eager to be appear on World Cup table.

This is just the first step in building Vietnam ‘s reputation strategy. In our next step, we are closely incorporating with PR Organization International in planning to invite Franz Beckenbauer Emperor visit Vietnam. The success possibility of this plan only reaches to 30%, however, it will down to even 0% if we choose to do nothing. And in case we did it, we believe Vietnam’s reputation would be well known on over the world.

We are happy to share this news with you. Hopefully, besides business, we will always have the same orientation in contributing values to build reputation for Vietnam through both culture and human.





Once again, we sincerely thank you and wish you success in your business to be able to make contribution in building a prosperous Vietnam.

CEO of Awareness ID Strategic PR
Nguyễn Quốc Bảo