Hello !

PR or Public Relations becomes closer and closer to businessman community because more and more people consider it an effective instrument in development of brand name and corporate prestige in the market.

However, PR now is misunderstood compared to its nature. Someone says that PR snatches shocked news, creates scandal, trades slaver or PR is to sell wine in bar, etc. As confidential people in PR, our Awareness ID Company feels sorry for these misunderstandings. We have organized lots of short PR training courses to give strategic advice to customers for 10 past years, but we still feel deficient. We need to do something more, more different and effective.

Originated from that concern, after short time of hurried preparation, we are glad to inform and send you first E-newsletter of Awareness ID on occasion of Vietnam’s Revolutionary Press Day June 21st, 2011. We think this first newsletter only focuses on some selected individuals and is sent via email of successful businessmen, as really meaningful step in transmission of orthodox, real PR knowledge to situation of our background. We believe the newsletter does not update information worthy but also bring something strange and useful to you.

We expect to receive letters and contribution opinions as well as comments from you. Surely, these opinions will be objective, honest, open-minded judgments to help the newsletter more completed.


Nguyen Quoc Bao

Managing Director