The FAQs have information which supports for individuals and organization who wish to understand about the expertise and services of Awareness id Public Relations.
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  • What is the mission and vision of Awareness id Public Relations?


    Awareness id’s mission is to help our client to achieve their business goal successfully through strategic PR that is in-line with client corporate goal in local market. It as well as contribute to the healthy development of PR industry in Vietnam.


    To become the leading independent Public Relations that is symbolizing for professional healthy PR industry.

  • What make Awareness id Public relations different from other PR agencies?

    For the corporate side:

    • Awareness id is strategic Public Relations.
    • Awareness id works as a partner to share same target as client business objective.
    • We work to lead and change the market.
    • We earn living through improving people and industry.
    • As an independent firm, Awareness id has flexibility but still own strengths from a global company.
    • Awareness id is recognized by international awards in PR.
    • We earn respects from our clients for our responsible actions to our client business.
    • Last but not least, we are not an agency, we are CONSULTANCY FIRM

    For the product side:

    • We offer consultancy of PR.
    • Our product is strategic PR, not tactical PR.
    • We aim our strategy to client business objective.
    • We deliver our services at high level of professional and premium quality.
    • Our product is developed basing on data, story base, networking and strategic planning and execution.
    • Our higher price because we do not just charge for that action but expertise that make thing work.
    • Our product is delivered by capable and specialized talents.
    • We plan and visualize outcomes with committed KPIs and ROI.
    • Our service is ensured quality as committed through audit process during implementation.
    • We have unique action formula: 1,2,3
    • Last but not least, our product is developed from international recognized company.
  • What is the meaning of our slogan “Communication that matters”?

    At Awareness, we rely on publicity data analysis and creative story ideas to make people listening, believing and encouraging them to take action. We call it communication that matters.

  • What are the unique strengths of Awareness id?
    • High strategic approach.
    • We are endorsed by good reputation as multi international awards and being KoLs in PR.
    • Best people in relevant field. Implemented in specialized people.
    • Standardize our works that guide us for effective planning and execution. These are Oxygen system, code of proposal, etc…
    • We stay ahead of market in term of technique, approach and measurement.
    • We own a wide network with media, experts and local authorities at high level.
    • Our reputation amongst media community and other relevant group of key stake holders
    • Our global supports in term of knowledge, practices, experiences and case studies.
    • Our responsible mission guides us through every actions.
  • How to connect to Awareness id Public relations’ consultants?

    You could contact us via email askus@awareness.com.vn or call 0838224024 to be supported.