Awareness id is the award-winning integrated communication firm specializing in Healthcare, Consumer lifestyle, Food and drink, and Finance & Investor.

The firm is proud of being the only independent communication firm winning regional PR recognitions - the Excellent PR Campaign of Year of the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2007; the Best PR stunt of Marketing Event Awards 2012, and the Excellence in Public Relations award 2014 due to its contribution to development of PR Industry in Vietnam.

To meet the growing demand for new move, we are looking for talents for the posts as below. If your are interested in those position, please send us your CVs to phuong.le@awareness.com.vn.

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Awareness id Public Relations

  • Mystery Shopper Manager

    1. Job title: Mystery Shopper Manager
    2. Job Code:
    3. Project support to: Chief Consultant
    4. Business development report to: Deputy Managing Director (Foreigner)

    About Awareness id Public Relations:

    Awareness id is an award winning PR consultancy specializing in strategic PR for Healthcare; Food & Drink; Consumer Lifestyle and Finance & Investor relations.
    Awareness id is the only independent PR firm in Vietnam to win regional PR recognitions - the Excellent PR Campaign of Year of the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2007; the Best PR stunt of Marketing Event Awards 2012.

    Mission/Vision of the Company:

    The firm commits to achieving results that matter to client corporate business goal in local market.
    By providing trusted strategic consultancy at high level of professionalism coupled with in depth understanding on local media and politic environment, Awareness id helps its clients execute aggressive communication strategies that raise awareness, influence behavior and change attitudes of our clients’ stakeholders delivering our client’ corporate/marketing objectives in a complex market.


    • Awareness id HQ is in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
    • There are 2 branches in Ha Noi and Da Nang.

    Role Purpose

    • The role of Mystery Shopper Manager is to consult and manage any mystery shopper program/campaign to serve successfully clients’ requirement;
    • It is about 30% of working time, the job holder do business development while the rest of 70% he will focus on the specific project and supervise the vendor’s implementation to obtain desired outcomes that meets clients’ expectation.
    • The individual selected for this role will need to support the Chief Consultant in any Mystery shopper program/campaign as Awareness id’s partner, and report to the (Deputy) Managing Director on business development of the Mystery Shopper Company.

    Particular tasks

    • Consulting and building Mystery Shopper Program to serve successfully clients’ requirement;
    • Planning, organizing & supervising day-to-day the implementation of vendor/supplier of Mystery Shopper Program to obtain desired outcomes that meets clients’ expectation.
    • Manage relationship with team leaders and regional leaders (from vendor/supplier) by providing them regular feedback and coaching;
    • Close and continuous manage vendor/supplier to ensure they remain fit for purpose, processes remain up to date and report daily;
    • Develop and continuously improve Mystery Shopping program’s standards/commitment;
    • Develop and ensure consistent implementation of those standards and providing guidance to regional branches (Ha Noi, Da Nang) in implementing those standards;

    Required Qualifications/Experiences:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communication or related field.
    • Over 5 years of experience in marketing research management;
    • Ability to inspire confidence in clients and building relationships/business with them;
    • Strong organizational, planning, interpersonal, and consultative skills;
    • Business acumen and ability to continually make trade-off decisions;
    • Good managerial, communications & project management skills to coordinate and direct effort with the vendor/supplier;
    • Ability to seek out and improve on best practice, capability and cost.
    • Knowledge and experience of governance, and risk and control frameworks.
    • Analytical and data management skills and have the ability to work with data manipulation software (example: SPSS, E-view, Excel…).
    • Attention to detail combined with strong delivery focus and ability to meet aggressive timeframes with quality results;
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • PR Consultant

    Job information:

    1. Job title: PR Consultant
    2. Job Code:
    3. Department/Unit: Strategist
    4. Report to: Chief Consultant

    Role purpose:

    • Proposal development
    • Project management
    • Client servicing to client
    • Business development
    • Promote company image

    Particular tasks:

    1. Participating in developing strategic PR proposal for clients and handle project management.
    2. Write public relations materials including news releases, media alerts, fact sheets, client meeting summaries, status/achievement reports and other written materials as directed and needed.
    3. Liaise all client requirement and media relations services taking reference either from the program/campaign action plan or as outlined by the PR Consultant.
    4. Pro-actively participates in client meetings, in-house training sessions, client presentations, traffic meetings and brainstorming sessions as assigned and directed.
    5. Manage destination lists, coordination of fax, mailing and conducts appropriate follow up to clients and the media.
    6. Assists with administrative duties including fax processing, sorting, collating, mailings and other administrative functions as directed.
    7. Manage newspaper and periodical inventories for easy access.
    8. Performs research activities, translate materials/documents, provide technical support to events and render logistics support to various programs/campaigns as assigned.
    9. Enhancement assistance in keeping Awareness id website up-to-date, relevant and dynamic.
    10. Assist in the creation, implementation and execution of all PR activities.
    11. Assist Consultant in executing all PR deliverables
    12. Assist and support other team members as directed by the Chief Consultant.
    13. Perform other tasks/functions as deemed necessary.

    Required Qualifications/Experiences:

    • Male or female
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • At least 2 year experience in managing project implements (brand and corporate)
    • Detail-oriented and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills including English.

    • Strong written and oral skills, high-interest in media relations and client-services relations, strong organizational skills, project management skills, and ability to interact effectively with senior level management.
    • Ability to exercise independent judgment, using initiative, and simultaneously managing a broad range of functions and high impact tasks in a fast-paced and demanding environment.


  • Graphic Designer

    Job Description

    • To develop design concepts and take design concepts to final design stage.
    • Complete all work to the highest possible standard
    • Suggest and develop creative solutions to design problems.

    Skills expected

    • Ability to design using Adobe Fireworks, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Interpret briefs and understand client expectations
    • Work to, and understand clients brand guidelines
    • Have a good at design: flash banner, 3D, Animation, graphic…
    • Excellent eye for detail
    • Understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the digital environment
    • Excellent layout and design
    • Good knowledge of typography theory
    • Ability to work to set deadlines
    • Reasonable command of English
    • Willingness to learn and further develop skill
    • Good problem solving skills
    • Ability to work under pressure


  • Chương trình thực tập tại Awareness id Public Relations

    Để tạo điều kiện cho các bạn Sinh viên sắp tốt nghiệp & vừa tốt nghiệp có cơ hội làm thực, cọ xát thực tiễn để bổ sung kinh nghiệm cho con đường phát triển thành PR chuyên nghiệp, Awareness id Public Relations sẽ bắt đầu triển khai chương trình thực tập cho năm mới 2015 kể từ ngày 1/1/2015. Chương trình thực tập được thiết kế đặc biệt cho từng ứng viên, để giúp các bạn hoàn thiện những kỹ năng, hình thành tác phong làm việc chuyên nghiệp, bản lĩnh, trưởng thành hơn trong nghề.

    Lợi ích khi tham gia chương trình:

    • Môi trường làm việc năng động, được hướng dẫn tận tình để các ứng viên trau dồi kiến thức, kinh nghiệm thực tế nghề nghiệp;
    • Tùy vào tính chất công việc – năng lực chuyên môn, công ty sẽ có những chế độ hỗ trợ theo thỏa thuận, hoặc là hình thức học việc – không nhận lương.

    Để tham gia, bạn phải đáp ứng các điều kiện sau:

    • Sinh viên năm 4 hoặc đã tốt nghiệp trong vòng 12 tháng
    • Độ tuổi: 20 – 26
    • Chuyên ngành học liên quan đến lĩnh vực PR, Truyền thông.

    Hồ sơ cần thiết:

    • CV bằng tiếng Anh kèm hình ảnh gần nhất
    • Bằng cấp chuyên ngành, giấy xác nhận sinh viên…
    • Bảng điểm các năm học.

    Ứng viên quan tâm có thể nộp hồ sơ trực tiếp tại Công ty (lầu 6, số 60 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Quận 1, TPHCM) hoặc qua email askus@awareness.com.vn.