Only Strategic PR firm, 1 direction in 13 years with 3 international recognitions, successfully consulted for more than 600 cases    


Nowadays good corporate/brand awareness or positive image is not enough to achieve business goals in market where there are similar offers and risks for a corporate or brand. Everyday, consumer behavior is getting harder to be convinced.

Reputation, perceived as a good guy, is essential to put corporate/brand outstanding and drive commercial successes for a company or its brands.

Solution of corporate/brand REPUTATION has proven to successfully delivering of business bottom line and revenue through strategically planning that helps 

Delivering positive differentiation in a crowded marketplace

Supporting customer acquisition and retention

Building confidence and desire amongst key stake holders. Enables closer engagement with consumers/public/media

Providing key stake holders strong reasons to interact with company/brand

Sustaining corporate/brand competitive advantages in long run. Long lasting benefits, saving costs.

Safeguarding and aid recovering in growing power of social media.

Creating trust and respect to a “person” for changes in consumer behavior.

Perfectly matching with Vietnamese characters: emotion to business.

Awareness id is the only independent PR firm in Vietnam to be recognized internationally with the Excellent PR Campaign of Year of the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2007; the Best PR stunt of Marketing Event Awards 2012, and the Excellence in Public Relations award 2014 and Top 5 Best Product launch PR campaign of the year, 2015.

Together with 110 offices around the world, Awareness id, a PROI Vietnam partner, currently assist over 4,850 clients with more than 4,450 staff in 50 countries.


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